The First International LAMS Conference: Designing the Future of Learning

Pedagogic Planner Summit

As part of the 2009 European LAMS Conference, we hosted a roundtable discussion of Pedagogic/Activity planners at the Open University, Milton Keynes on Monday, 6th July. This was the third European Planner event in which we have been able to bring together Learning Design experts from around the world to explore the concept of pedagogic planners, compare and contrast existing work in this field, and attempt to define future directions for research and implementation.

Below is this year's program. If you would like to attend a future event, please email Leanne Cameron for more information.

Monday 6th July


Welcome to workshop and overview
- Diana Laurillard and James Dalziel


Goals for pedagogic planners – what do we hope to achieve today?


Morning Tea – Reception Area


Review and side-by-side comparison of example pedagogic planners:

* LAMS Activity Planner - James Dalziel

* LKL Pedagogic Planner - Diana Laurillard

* Phoebe - Liz Masterman & Marion Manton

* Graphical Learning Modeller - Susanne Neumann

* CompendiumLD and Cloudworks - Grainne Conole

* DPD - Yael Kali

* Others


Lunch - Reception Area


Exploring connections between systems


Afternoon Tea – Reception Area


Where to next for research?

Wrap-up and close



6th - 8th December 2006, Sydney Australia