The First International LAMS Conference: Designing the Future of Learning

Design Bash, 8 July

Following the LAMS International conference, JISC, CETIS and LAMS ran a design bash on 8 July at the OU, Milton Keynes.  The day was based around a previous design bash for the JISC Design for Learning Programme ( However this event was open to anyone with an interest in how to foster interoperability in creating, running, and sharing learning designs.  It was a very hands on day providing participants the opportunity to test their tools and designs with a number of different systems.

We envisaged 3 main categories of activity:
* System Interoperability  - how can we more facilitate import/export of designs between systems?
* Sharing designs - how can we most effectively share our designs? How can we export designs to/from systems?
* Describing designs -what are the most useful representations of designs/patterns? Can we begin to translate these representations and produce a runnable version of them?

More information will be available about the Bash in the coming weeks but to find out more, please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing s.macneill@

The day was run from 10am - 4pm, and was free of charge.

Wednesday 8th July


Registration, tea and coffee


Introduction: Sheila MacNeill


Sharing designs, overview of systems




Sharing designs, daisy chaining of designs in different systems


Tea and coffee


Feedback, discussion of outcomes of the day




6th - 8th December 2006, Sydney Australia