The First International LAMS Conference: Designing the Future of Learning

2009 European LAMS & Learning Design Conference

Welcome to the 2009 European LAMS & Learning Design Conference webpage. The conference was held at The Open University, UK on 7th July, 2009. LAMS training workshops were held on the days following the conference (8th & 9th July). Additionally, a Planner Summit was held before the conference on Monday, 6th July. At this Summit, current and future issues in relation to a number of international pedagogic and activity planner projects currently being developed were discussed. We also co-hosted a Design Bash with JISC and CETIS on 8th July.

The 2009 European Conference is being held following the success of the three previous International LAMS & Learning Design Conferences in 2006, 2007 & 2008 in Sydney and two previous European Conferences (2007 – Greenwich, UK, and 2008 – Cadiz, Spain). The focus of 2009 European Conference was on Open Education. We llooked at technologies, applications and approaches that support sharing, collaboration and open access to knowledge and resources. What are the differing implications for individuals and organisations? Importantly, we wanted to capture the experience of those who have used LAMS & Learning Design and share some of the lessons learnt about Open Education in higher education, the K-12 sector, vocational and professional education.

News - Another successful conference

We are pleased to invite anyone interested watch and listen to the presentations that focussed on open resources, open education, technology & teaching practices and how they might relate to Learning Design. We will be uploading the presentations shortly to: ( or email us for more informaton

Conference events

Monday 6th July, 2009

Pedagogic Planner Summit

Tuesday 7th July, 2009

Conference Presentations

Wednesday 8th July, 2009

Design Bash AND

LAMS Beginner Workshop

Thursday 9th July, 2009

LAMS Intermediate Workshop

The conference was hosted by the LAMS Foundation and LAMS International with support from The Open University, UK and Macquarie University, Sydney . For more information, email us.




6th - 8th December 2006, Sydney Australia